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Donate a Street Tree



Street trees can have incredible value to residents; who experience both improved air quality and reduced temperatures as more asphalt is cooled by shade trees.

However, visitors can also appreciate the value of a nice street tree; enjoying both cool street parking + refreshing walks under their canopy. Some might say that street trees provide pedestrians with "nature baths" in the middle of the city.

Street trees can also provide valuable habitat and a source of food for birds, pollinators, and beneficial insects. . . not to mention the benefits of fragrance and flowers for all to enjoy as the seasons allow.

. . .And, did you know that all trees, including street trees, have the unique benefit of storing carbon in their bark, trunk, branches and leaves? The larger the tree, the more carbon it can hold. Meaning street trees have another benefit that living beings worldwide can enjoy: they combat climate change by cleaning up carbon pollution.  Meaning your dontation will play a small, but vital role in preventing catastrophic climate events such as Katrina, Harvey and Irma.

If you can't plant a tree on your own property (for instance, if you live in an apartment, are already satisfied with your landscaping, or don't have room in your garden for a tree) and would like to improve the lives of others, here is a chance to purchase a tree that Design By Nature will thoughtfully install with organic fertilizers and pest control measures in a neighborhood that would benefit from the presence of shade trees.

The species of tree you purchase will be selected by a professional designer; meaning it will be appropriate for the soil, temperature, culture and site conditions of the location; for instance, canopies will be selected so as not to interfere with power cables overhead. When possible, they also will provide edibles for the community to enjoy.

Trees: the donation that keeps on giving.

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