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California Owl Box



Create a habitat for a gopher huntin' owl. That's pest control, naturally.

Product is large enough to hold a family of 5-8 owls, each of whom will consume an average of 30 rodents per day, eliminating the need for expensive and toxic chemical treatments. Thats about 50 pounds of rodents per year!

Your owl box arrives fully assembled with outdoor screws, and stained one of five colors of your choosing: Vernacular Red, Slate Black, Storm Grey, Walnut Brown, or Oak Brown (shown in Walnut Brown). Price DOES NOT includes the cost of installation, which will vary based on the needs, and aesthetic goals, of your property.

This box features a 3 inch gap on the front of the box for easy cleanup and sun baffle design; essentially a double roof, with the top layer shading the inner box, and extra side ventilation holes. This design is especially suited for pole mounting in vineyards, orchards and gardens of the hotter southern climates, unlike the pitched roof (which is the preffered style in cooler climates with heavier rainfall).

In addition to pole mounting, this habitat may also be installed in trees, barns and silos.

Let a family of these superbly adapted hunters help control your rodents the natural way! Don't forget to tell your neighbors, as they will certainly benefit from your efforts and will be sure to thank you for your generous contributions to the community. They should also be informed that they should discontinue any use of rodent poisons as these can secondarily kill an owl if the bird eats a poisoned rodent. (As a side note: these poisons can also kill other beneficial predators such as hawks, foxes, bobcats, coyotes and snakes. Without these predators your rodent problem, as well as your deer problems, can become ten-fold.)

Working with nature, not against it, can achieve a balance such that we all win!

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