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Edible Blueberry Plant



Delicious edible blueberries specially designed to thrive in areas with mild winters. Before these Southern highbush varieties were introduced around 2010, blueberries only thrived in areas with particular chill requirements.

All selections are excellent for freezing, jams, baking and eating fresh. O'Neals are especially plump and juicy, while Sunshine is especially rich and sweet. Sharpblue and Southmoon being both sweet and juicy, but less plump than O'Neal.

Blueberries produce the most abundant and flavorful crops when they are neighbored by a different variety; so we recommend that you purchase more than one variety for your garden and plant them within 20' of each other to improve the production of both plants.

With attractive foliage and generous growth habit reaching up to 6'-8' in height, these upstarts a must have for a California edible or pollinator garden. Delivered in a plastic container smaller than a 1 gallon size, and about 8x larger than a 4" pot.

Southern highbush blueberry bush varieties are hybrids of V. corymbosum and a Floridian native, V. darrowii, that can grow between 6-8 feet in height. This variety of blueberry was created to allow for berry production in areas of mild winters, as they require less chilling time to break bud and flower. The bushes blossom in the late winter, so frost will damage production. Therefore, southern highbush varieties are best suited to areas with very mild winters. Some southern highbush cultivars are:

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