flower petals
flower petals

Terms + Conditions

Terms & Conditions

At this time, Bulky Items are only available for delivery to Southern California addresses. All products shall be delivered in a timely manner per the standards outlined in our Carbon Policy. We reserve the right to refuse service.


Anything that does not fit into a standard flat rate postage box is considered a Bulky Item. These products will be delivered in person, per the standards outlined in our Carbon Policy. Typically, Bulky Items arrive within a week, however, depending on the season, deliveries may take longer than a week. Should you need service immediately, special arrangements may be possible, call for more information.

In order to minimize our carbon footprint, all orders placed will be packaged and delivered in bulk. USPS orders will be delivered to the post office within a week, but grouped with other orders. Bulky Items will be delivered in person at a time that coincides with a planned visit to your neighborhood (Southern California Residents Only).