succulent plants
succulent plants


Our Projects

The Design By Nature Team understands that projects vary in scope, and we can design and construct the residential landscape elements you’ve only imagined; customized to your budget, space and goals.

Features include: pergolas, BBQ’s and outdoor kitchens, shade sails, vegetable gardens, green walls, lattices, trellis’, wood decks, driveways, flatwork/hardscape, lighting, artificial turf, irrigation, lawn and planting.

Perhaps you would like to create a total plan that can be built to your every specification, or you’d like to enhance a small area, such as a thoughtful courtyard or an entryway. We can help you completely remove and rebuild every landscaped area of your property, or help in selecting and adding a few defining elements to bridge the gap between a pretty good effort and a great effect.

Merrill Kruger is well versed in working with all budgets and styles, and is enthusiastic about the process of helping you make your vision a reality; starting with researching local codes and permitting requirements, when applicable.

When it comes to sustainable design, if your goals are health, environmentally-friendly design, social sustainability or more; Merrill can analyze and summarize costs and benefits that you would expect during the life of the feature, and communicate your options in a way that is easily understood.

If you want to select and arrange your landscape furnishings and exterior ornaments, the Studio Team can help you with that as well. Hearing how much our clients are using and enjoying their outdoor spaces is some of our favorite feedback.

We look forward to learning about your project and developing something amazing that not only adds value to  your property, but also that you can’t believe you ever lived without!

Design + Installation of the following:
  • Gardens

  • Carpentry

  • Masonry

  • Lighting

  • Audio

  • Irrigation

  • Furniture Arrangements

  • Grading + Drainage

  • Green Walls

Including these features:
  • Concrete Pouring + Finishing

  • Pebble Aggregate

  • Pavers

  • Stone 

  • Veneer

  • Tile

  • Edging

  • Garden Walls

  • Driveways

  • BBQs

  • Formal Gardens

  • Themed Gardens

  • Wildlife/Habitat Gardens

    • Insect Ecology

    • Fruit Trees 

  • Kids Gardens/Play Spaces

    • Lawns

    • Residential Artificial Turf

  • Pergola + Trellis

    Fences + Gates

  • Furnishings

  • Custom, built-in furniture

  • Raised Beds

  • Plant Containers + Pots

  • Vegetable + Herb Gardens

  • Low Maintenance Gardens

  • Native Plants

  • Drought Tolerant/Xeriscape

    • Infiltration Pits

    • Rain Barrels

    • Rain Gardens

  • 'Smart' Irrigation Timers

  • Rain Sensors

  • Digital Controllers

And other related services:
  • Water Efficiency Worksheets

  • Water/Irrigation Audits

  • Irrigation Retrofits

  • Irrigation Timer Programming

  • Rebates

  • Soils Testing + Analysis

  •  Recommendations

  • Fertilizers
  • Soils Building
  • Maintenance

  • Fine Gardening 

  • Water Conservation Solutions

  • Sustainable or ‘Green’ Building Practices + Consultations

  • Project Management

  • Horticultural Consultations

  • Sourcing Plant Materials

  • Structural Pruning

  • Pruning For Growth