dog hiding behind the plant
dog hiding behind the plant


The Climate Crisis has evolved a great deal in the past ten years.

In the early days, talk of rising sea levels and increased temperatures was met with nervous jokes:

  • "You mean my inland property will have an ocean view? How long do I need to wait?"
  • "I love summer! You mean it will be warmer and longer? Great!"
  • "I can't wait to get rid of my snow plow!"

There's still talk of hoaxes and pseudo-science, however the vast majority of citizens who subscribe to the time honored truth established by the scientific method and blind studies are seeing the truth behind the theories. Well, that, and the horrific predictions that are so sadly coming true.

If only it was as simple as retiring the snow plow. . ...
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The cool people at Mopro created our new website. Thank you MoPro!

Not only is it absolutely gorgeous, but it's also interactive! Check it out!

You may enjoy viewing our updated galleries of portfolio images with more detailed descriptions. . .

Or perhaps you'll prefer perusing our Online Store? It features carefully selected environmentally-friendly alternatives to the toxic chemical options typically found at chain stores, as well as rare ornaments and containers.

We're offering free delivery in Southern California for orders over $250. Share your favorite product in the comments below, or on our Facebook page, and we'll send a special gift with your order.

In the ...

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Design By Nature Studio was founded in 2001 by a human rights activist and environmental steward who was looking to turn a passion for creating a more beautiful, and just, world into a profession.

At that time, garden design defaulted to a limited palette of ornamental plants and lawns; fertilized and controlled by toxic chemicals. The most frequent request was for a 'Tropical' style garden. As you can imagine, being a native, drought tolerant, and edible plant specialist in those first few years was extremely challenging.

Yet from the greatest challenges arise the greatest victories! Today, there are frequent requests for native and drought tolerant plants. And, instead of fielding requests t...

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