A Natural Way to Achieve Global Cooling.

The Climate Crisis has evolved a great deal in the past ten years.

In the early days, talk of rising sea levels and increased temperatures was met with nervous jokes:

  • "You mean my inland property will have an ocean view? How long do I need to wait?"
  • "I love summer! You mean it will be warmer and longer? Great!"
  • "I can't wait to get rid of my snow plow!"

There's still talk of hoaxes and pseudo-science, however the vast majority of citizens who subscribe to the time honored truth established by the scientific method and blind studies are seeing the truth behind the theories. Well, that, and the horrific predictions that are so sadly coming true.

If only it was as simple as retiring the snow plow. . .

With the latest development of Hurricane Harvey, and then Irma, and who knows what is following behind those, we're starting to see the reality of warmer oceans and rising sea levels:

More evaporation means increased fodder to fuel seasonal storms.

Today, storms are delivering record volumes of water; more water than natural systems and communities have evolved to absorb; perhaps more than they can ever prepare to absorb. All this water is causing a cascade of other expensive issues like mold damage, water pollution, and refugees displaced by standing water and water damage if they don't develop solutions like the Dutch: fortify the entire country with dam walls.

This year's hurricane season we've witnessed intense hurricanes, this Winter it will likely be intense snow storms, and in the Spring there will be more of the same; heavy rains. And with those heavy rains also comes the possibly that our precious crop seeds will be washed away; possibly leading to hunger and poor nutrition in the coming years.

All this current and anticipated devastation has left us with one heart-wrenching question: What can do we do from here?

With so many issues at play between the clean up, as well as the source, it's helpful to think like a good doctor: to do our best to address the symptoms while also diagnosing and responding to the cause.

Perhaps a better question is: "How can we reverse greenhouse gas pollution which is trapping the heat and fueling the storms?"

What CAN do we do from here?

While the technology to harvest methane, nitrous oxide, and other less common greenhouse gases from the air has yet to be invented, there is still some good news:

A natural technique for harvesting carbon has existed for centuries: planting and caring for trees.

This chart from the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services provides a great overview of how trees, fossil fuels and biofuels can each play a role in causing or reversing, climate change:

Isn't it ironic that Florida would have benefited greatly if more people had planted trees sooner? With an estimated $200 billion in damages from Irma alone, we could have planted over 1.3 billion trees to prevent this catastrophe from the onset. That's more cars than are on the entire planet.

The best part about caring for or planting a tree or trees is that they not only keep on giving long after they are planted, but also grow in efficacy and ability to harvest carbon as they literally grow larger with time.

Why Street Trees?

Street trees in particular have incredible value to residents and visitors; who experience improved air quality, reduced temperatures as more asphalt is cooled by shade trees, cooler vehicles that are parked on the street, as well as opportunities for refreshing walks in the dappled light and fresh air immediately below the canopy.

Street trees can also provide valuable habitat and a source of food for birds, pollinators, and beneficial insects. . . not to mention the benefits of fragrance, flowers, and food for all to enjoy when the seasons allow it.

Some might say that street trees provide pedestrians with "nature baths" in the middle of the city; refreshing the spirit and soothing the mind. In some extremely dense urban areas, such as New York, mature trees are valued at over a million dollars because of their many benefits to the people of The City.

If you can't plant a tree on your own property (for instance, if you live in an apartment, are already satisfied with your landscaping, or don't have room in your garden for any more trees) yet you would like to improve the lives of others, here is a chance to purchase a tree that Design By Nature will thoughtfully install with organic fertilizers and pest control measures in a neighborhood that would benefit from the presence of shade trees and might not be able to afford one (or know how to install them) otherwise.

Of course, if your own street or garden could benefit from a shade tree, a fruit tree, or any other tree, please schedule a design consultation or donate one to yourself for the benefit of many others. We're sincerely looking forward to working with you to be part of the solution to climate change: global cooling. 😎 If you decide to buy from Design By Nature, you can also enjoy knowing that we vow to continue contributing a part of our profits to benefit the victims of global warming.