Red Worms (1/2 lb)


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Nature's garbage disposal! Known to the scientific community as Eisenia fetida, but also known as 'Red Worms' for their reddish color. They can consume waste products, and play a huge role in fertilizing your soil; making your plants more resiliant to drought, disease, and pests.

How? First, as Red Worms are searching for food, they are turning and mixing the soil and leaving tunnels behind them. This process is called aeration, and it allows the soil to drain better, reduces erosion, reduces the amount of water needed, and can help resist soil compaction. Next, the castings that Red Worms leave behind are several times higher in nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and magnesium than normal soil; feeding your plants with the nutrients necessary for them to grow strong and healthy. 

This species of worm lives in the top 10 inches of the soil and is found in many regions of the world. Red worms are becoming increasingly popular due to their many useful applications. While red worms do not prey on other bugs, they are the perfect solution for composting, aeration, and fishing bait.

This specific species of Red Worms can consume up to ½ of their body weight of organic materials. Red Worms consume leaves, grass, decayed plants and table scraps, amont other things. 

These worms are farm bred in California and great care is taken to ensure the quality of these worms before packaging. They arrive in a breathable bag that can be reused for compost tea.


Category: Beneficial Insects